My first nighttime shred in the forest…

THERE’S lots to get done before my afternoon/evening shift in the village shop.

I have a load of Wildcats’ merch orders – the hats should be arriving any day now, but I need to get a load of leather patched made and ready for Margaret’s sewing skills.

While I’m doing that, I also work on some local gift/merch ideas.

I’d hoped to get walk or bike ride in before I hit the shop, but there’s no time. instead, I review my to-do list and try and bring some order to things.

My shift in the shop finishes at 8pm – then it’s back to the house and I finish off making dinner. I did most of the prep this morning 🙂

We eat, then I finish the letter hat patches off. It’s nearly 11pm when I decide to take the bike on a nighttime shred round the forest. It’s my first ride in the dark but the head torch and a good lamp on the bike work pretty good and I make nit home unscathed.