Lochan Maoil Dhuinne...

FOR some reason I’m knackered when I wake up and it takes me a while to shake my ass out of bed.

I get a batch of egg bites in the Instant Pot then jump in the shower. They’re ready by the time I’m dressed and I get another batch in while I prepare the rest of my breakfast.

I’m just finished when a scheduled phone interview comes in – a few minutes early, but that’s OK. It doesn’t take long and I get busy with the local souvenir prototypes…the postie brought some bits and bobs I need to finish them off.

The prototypes throw up a few design issues and some refinements are in order…and they take longer than I expect.

I have lunch then make a meal plan for the next week and a shopping list for Margaret.

I carry on with my prototypes then decide to go for a cycle up the lochside and search out a place I’ve not been before – Lochan Maoil Dhuinne. I’ve heard it mentioned a lot recently and it’s piqued my curiosity.

After finding it on the map – it’s newly as far as Rowardennan and I must’ve passed it a hundred times completely unaware of it’s existence – I set off with a coffee in my drinks holder.

It’s a nice cycle and the road’s not too busy. I find my way off road and down a steep track with some unexpected steps to negotiate and stop at the first wee secluded beach, sit down and drink my coffee.

I spot another faint track and decide to explore. Some steep climbs and gnarly descents, then a real off-piste track to the left takes me to a camp site. Nothing there other than the fact that it’s a designated camping spot. It’s quite difficult to get to and unless you knew about it and were looking you wouldn’t find it.

What a spot! Secluded and wooded right up to a lovely wee beach.

I find a more direct route back to the road , make my way home and give the bike a good clean and lube.

After making dinner I get some more work done then…it’s late!