RIGHT after breakfast I hit the studio and prepare for a virtual Musicians’ Union Live Performance section committee meeting via Zoom.

There’s a lot to cover in the two-hour session but we get through it and only run over a few minutes.

There’s some pizza dough left in the fridge…along with some pasata and mozzarella all left over from my pizza fails earlier in the week. I decide to use it up and try the regular oven, stick it on high and make a pizza for lunch. Not a bad attempt, but the dough was made for 700 degree cook and I doubt our oven even gets half way to that temperature.

Back in the studio I photograph some products for the online shop and website I’m developing for local gifts. I’d done some development work not he site a while back, but something’s gone wrong and I end up scrapping the whole things and starting again from scratch.

Next thing I know it’s 8pm and I haven’t tackled any of the priority things on my to-do list!