I WAKE up and realise it’s the first of the month…and I totally forgot to put my May eNewsletter together. Panic!

I rush breakfast then hit the studio where I write, and design the newsletter and send it out then spread the link around my socials. You can read it here.

Next on the list is a website revamp for a local self-catering accommodation provider. I did the photos last weekend and have most off the info from my client to get started.

It’s quite a time consuming process and I’m still at it when Matty arrives late afternoon. I go and say hello back tot he web work to sort some annoying things that I can’t get to work the way I want!

Matty’s visit has been last minute and there’s not enough chicken and other ingredient to stretch the kebabs to three so Margaret’s made him mac’n’cheese. Back at the house I light up some charcoal for the grill and make our dinner.