WE’RE just finishing breakfast when Catriona and the kids roll up.

They all go for a walk to feed the ducks and I hit the office to get some work done.

Margaret’s made a quiche kinda thing and we all have some lunch outside then Catriona and the kids head off, soon followed by Matty.

Having had the thumbs up for a website I’ve been working on I do some final tests and make it all live.

After dealign with a few more bits and bobs I get out for a walk up the lochside.

When I get back Betty’s dropped by and having a gin with Margaret. Sunday’s meant to be alcohol-free for me, but it’s a holiday Monday tomorrow and I fancy a beer…so I crack open a cold one!

I have the tteotbokki ready in time for us to tune into our pal Bill’s weekly livestream from Florida and enjoy a glass or two of red while watching.