One of the promo trailers for June’s Smokehead Sessions livestream series…

A BANK holiday, but that doesn’t mean any let up in the to-do list!

First up, a Zoom guitar session with one of my students down south. Then a quick merch tweak and then the promo for tonight’s Tools of the Trade livestream.

Once done, I gather the content and organise myself for tonight’s episode then it’s onto the promo content for June’s Smokehead Sessions livestream series.

I grabbed some video and took some photos the other week but haven’t had time to do anything with them yet.

It’s absolutely bucketing with rain outside and I’m so busy with the Smokehead stuff that there’s not much hope of a walk or bike ride today 🙁

Suddenly it’s after 7pm and I need to get things in order for going live with Tools of the Trade at 8pm.

This episode – number five – goes pretty much to plan without any technical hassles. Once done, I do a little more work then head back to the house for dinner,

The rest of the evening is spent creating Facebook events and listings for the June’s four-part Smokehead Sessions livestream series…