I’M in the office early – a day’s work or more to get through before I start my afternoon/evening shift in the village shop at 1pm.

Aside from the usual stuff, I have to close pre-orders on the Wildcats’ t-shirts, tally up quantities and sizes and get the order into my merch guy.

While most of the orders for hats also included t-shirts and so are gonna have to wait ’til the shirts are printed to go out, there’s a bunch that are just for hats. I pack ’em up, print postage and take them to the post box in the village.

With a lot of today’s to-do list out the way, I also go a walk up the lochs ode and drop some stuff into Betty and Joe’s along the way.

On my way back the phone rings – it’s the guy delivering my bike shed. He’s lost, and I’m just ten minutes away. I give him directions and get back just as he’s starting to unload. Hopefully I’ll have time later in the week to build it…I’ll probably need some help from Margaret. It can wait a few days – after all, I ordered it in January!

I have a nice steady shift in the shop and when I get home just after 8pm Margaret’s got dinner ready… 🙂