Nice view over the loch on my cycle home. Luckily I got my photo job done before it got too cloudy!

I’M up at the crack of dawn – well, about 7.30am. Crack of dawn for me!

I’ve a photo job to do and while it’s good weather just now, it’s scheduled to get a bit more cloudy before 10am.

Once the camera and gear’s all ready I jump on the bike and cycle the four or five miles to ‘the job’ where I spend a good hour grabbing some images. Then back home along part of the West Highland Way.

Shower, breakfast then I hit the studio to set up my local merch website and online store.

I don’t find these jobs difficult, but there’s so many factors setting up e-commerce that it takes a while to get through everything. Finally, late afternoon, I get the site live. Still got a lot of products to photograph and add to the store, but it’s a start! See it here.

I get out for a walk and am back in time to help Margaret put the shopping away.

Dinner, a wee bit more work then bed. Shattered!