Achievement number one – the bike shed is built….

UP EARLY – a bit of a shock to the system – to get the village shop open.

I’ve time for a shower and breakfast before I go. Haven’t opened the shop for over a year and I panic in case my logins and alarm codes have changed. They haven’t, and all goes fine.

My shift finishes at 2pm then it’s home for lunch and then the two main projects of the day.

First up, I need to stuff the Andouille sausages and get them hung up in front of a fan outside for an hour before they go in the smoker.

While the fan’s going, we continue building the bike shed. Quite a lot more intricate bits to be done in this ‘phase’.

I take a break from the shed to get the smoker going and once all stabilised temperature-wise – it’s a very low, controlled smoke – we get back to the shed.

There’s a bit of jiggery-pokery trying to get locking parts properly aligned but we get there by late afternoon and move on to tidy up some other bits of the garden and get the bikes and related stuff into the new shed. Perfect!

I make some mushroom risotto and we eat quite late by which time the sausage is ready dn needs put int he fridge.

…and achievement number two – a batch of Andouille sausage 🙂