THE Wildcats t-shirts should be ready for collection tomorrow – so all the other items that were ordered with the shirts need to be sorted out, including some extra hats with leather patches.

I’d run out of leather and couldn’t get hold of the same stuff I had. I thought I’d got some but it’s a bit too thick…another order arrived yesterday and it’s slightly different again. Similar thickness, but softer – and while it’s nicer and, I think, better quality until I make a test patch I have no idea if it’ll be suitable.

Thankfully it works well 🙂

I have an extra shift in the shop tomorrow (Monday) in between my last guitar lesson of the morning and my Tools of the Trade livestream in the evening so I have to pull together all the assets I need for the programme and get as much advance prep done as possible.

Mid-afternoon I get the smoker fired up for the bacon-wrapped pork loin then manage to get out for a quick bike ride in the rain.

Back in the studio I repave to promo stuff to go out int he morning then get the pork off the smoker and prepare the rest of dinner before we settle down and enjoy our pal Bill’s Sunday night livestream from Florida…