Episode six in my Tools of the Trade livestream series featured my National Reso-Phonic vintage steel Delphi…and streamed into my Facebook group, Dave Arcari’s Wildcats. Click the pic to visit!

I HAVE an extra afternoon shift at the village shop today to provide some cover – so a lot to get through before my midday start time.

There’s the usual day-to-day stuff then I have a Zoom session with one of my guitar students. It finishes just in time for me to make up some sandwiches and coffee to take to the shop to power me through my shift!

I’m back home soon after 5pm and hit the studio to set up and prepare for the livestream. Like last week, the prep pays off and reminds me of an old saying ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’….! Watch it again here – and join the Wildcats group here to enjoy future free exclusive content 🙂

When I get back to the house I finish making dinner, we eat, then start packing up the Wildcats’ merch orders that include the t-shirts which we’ve just taken delivery of. There’s a lot of packing and online postage/labels to be done and I’m still at it in the wee small hours.