I SLEEP in a bit and am glad that I got may blog done last night…one less thing to do this morning!

Margaret’s off into Glasgow so I make up a meal plan for the next week and send her the resulting shopping list. I accidentally video call my pal Martyn and we end yup chatting for ½-hour – it’s nice to catch up.

In the studio I mess around with a song idea – yup, unusual as it may seem, a new song idea!

Before I know it it’s lunch time and I grab a quick sandwich and head for my afternoon/evening shift in the village shop.

I’m almost back any the house when Margaret calls to see if I want to go along to Betty and Joe’s with her to drop off some stuff, and have a socially distanced, lockdown compliant catch up over a glass of wine.

it’s quite late by the time we’re back home and have dinner then chill the rest of the night.