Miss my May livestream set for Homesong? Click the pic above to watch it now 🙂

AFTER breakfast I get busy with some promo for tonight’s livestream set for Homesong.

I also need to decide what songs to play and what I’m gonna chat about. Once done I take a break and go back to the house for a coffee.

A message from ‘Godfather of Rock’ Tom Russell tells me that the session and interview we filmed at the Blue Arrow in Glasgow a few weeks ago will be featured on his show on The Max this weekend and go on the The Max website next week. I watch out for the social media posts and as soon as they land I start sharing 🙂

Some spare ‘bungs’ for redundant screw holes on the bike shed arrive in the post so I put ’em in and then spend some time adjusting the Rinsten spring between the seat post and saddle on the bike. I installed it the other day but didn’t have time to adjust it properly and it’s way too soft.

Soon it’s time to set up the studio for the livestream and run through the songs I plan to play then I go back to the house and make up the chicken kebabs and get the charcoal ready to light for the grill after the livestream.

The livestream goes OK and I’m happy with the sound and picture quality. You can see it here.

It takes a while to get the charcoal going for the grill but we eventually eat just after 10pm and watch the Killing Escobar film/doc on iPlayer.