Part one of my interview and session with Tom Russell on his radio show on The Max tonight. repeated tomorrow (Saturday) and part two on his Sunday night show. The video version will go on The Max website next week 🙂

NOT sure what I musta done to my back yesterday on my short, bumpy bike shreds in the forest but whatever it is I’m struggling to move this morning!

I have a phone consultation with the mental health nurse at our local doctor’s surgery first thing. I’ve been on the lowest dose of ‘happy pills’ for a year and a half and it’s time to review things. I’ve been fine but can’t work out if it’s my improved mindset that’s stopped my over-arching anxiety about finances and stuff – especially over the last year – or the tablets or a mixture of both.

We agree that I should half the dosage – can’t get any smaller dose tablets, so I’ll need to break ’em in half – and see how things go. The nurse warns me of potential side effects of coming off the tablets – despite the low dose, the fact that it’s been present in my system could lead to headaches and upset stomach. We’ll see. A follow-up appointment is made to check in in a couple of weeks.

After breakfast I have a virtual shoot with blues/music photographer Adam Kennedy. We did one a while back, but now I’ve upgraded my iPhone – which sports a much better camera than my old one – and Adam’s started using a special app and web client rather than FaceTime we thought we’d do another.

It”s good to catch up and we spend an hour-and-a-half blethering and setting up pix.

After lunch I do a bit of promo round my socials to let folks know the first part of my interview and session with ‘Godfather of Rock’ Tom Russell will be on his show on The Max tonight. Repeated on Saturday and then the second part will feature in his Sunday night show. This will be followed next week with the video versions 🙂

A little more work then I venture out on a walk in the hope that it’ll help ease the pain and loosen up my lower back. It seems to help but I’m knackered when I get back.

I open a beer while making the red beans and rice for dinner with the smoked Tasso ham and Andouille sausage I made last week…then a couple of glasses of red and I fall asleep on the couch!