A selfie at Craigie Fort with Ben Lomond in the background as I go for my wee walk….

WE’RE still having breakfast when Catriona and the kids roll up.

I hang out with them for a little while then get into the studio to get on with some work.

After running some tests with the artwork I created yesterday, it looks like there’s some re-jigging required if they’re gonna work on the smaller sized items so It’s gonna be back to the drawing board. Literally.

Our visitors leave early afternoon then I head out for a walk up the lochside, stopping by Betty’s garden to sort out some batteries she’s needing.

I enjoy the walk, but I’ve missed the best of the lovely weather we had earlier.

When I get home I give the grass it’s first cut of the year, do some strimming then work on some designs for son-in-law Will. I created logo for his new venture a few weeks ago and he’s needing some different versions for packaging and labelling.

As usual, I get engrossed and it’s after 8pm when I go back to the house to start making the vegetable pasta for dinner. I get it ready just in time for our pal Bill’s Sunday livestream from Florida….