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I MANAGE to get through a few things on may to-do list and then set up a photo in the studio to promote June’s Smokehead Sessions livestream series.

With a Zoom session with one of my guitar students imminent, I try to keep the smoke/haze I’m using in the photos to the live room and get done just in time to start the session.

After the session I start setting up to shoot a quick promo video along the same lines as the photo I took earlier.

Back in the house I have some lunch then sort out the Smokehead photo and video before starting prep on tonight’s Tools of the Trade livestream. Episode seven!

As well as prepping content etc, I need to promote the livestream round my social media channels.

When I’m done there’s time for a wee walk through the forest.

The livestream goes pretty smoothly. I don’t wanna speak too soon, but I think I’m, finally getting the hang f this live-streaming thing!