Watch the trailer for the upcoming Smokehead Sessions

A SHOP shift later, so quite a lot to get done this morning.

The interview and performance videos from myself elision with Tom Russell on The Max are all now available on The Max website. I share the interview round my socials and plan to do same with each of the live songs over the next few days.

I grab copies of all the videos for my archive then decide to go a quick bike ride before lunch.

The bike ride grows arms and legs and I not only go a bit further than planned, but get caught in a downpour meaning both the bindle and myself need a good clean when I get home….and that makes me tight for time.

After a bit of a rush I manage to get to the shop in time for the start of my shift and have a busy afternoon and evening.

Back home Margaret’s got dinner on the go. We eat and then do a little work before bed.