My interview with Tim Russell for his rock show on The Max

AMONGST the stuff I wanna get done before I head to the shop for my afternoon/evening shift later, I need to change the chain on my bike.

Despite near-obsessive chain and drivetrain care, I’ve managed to go through the chain in five months and finding a suitable replacement was a confusing and time-consuming experience for a ‘newbie’ to ebikes.

First, I have some online sharing of another video from my session with Tom Russell on The Max and some ‘maintenance’ on my Wildcats group on Facebook.

Back to the bike. The new chain and various related tools to carry out the replacement arrived earlier in the week so I get busy, following instructions on all the packets and a YouTube video. When I get the old chain off, though, it’s a fair bit too short.

This is odd, I definitely have the correct chain and there was only one length available…no ‘out of stock’ or other variations. I decide it’s better not to try and joey it on, repack everything and get on an online chat with the supplier.

In between times I’m trying to make – and eat – an early lunch and get a sandwich, coffee and other stuff ready to get me through my shift at the shop.

The online chat robot, of course, can’t answer my question and passes me to real person who is a bit sticky about things and tells me the chain should fit, then suggested buying a whole load more stuff to ‘make’ it fit and when I suggest returning the chain says in ‘might’ get a refund after examination by the returns department. I explain that’s not really very constructive and, as I;m now needing to leave the house, ask him to email me a name and phone number so I can speak to the returns folks later on.

Mid-afternoon I get a chance to glance at my phone in the shop and there’s a nice email form the returns department saying they’ll issue a refund and attaching instructions to send the chain back. Mission accomplished. almost, anyway.

I’m pretty knackered when I get home after closing the shop. We have some dinner and I spend the rest of the night trying to source a chain long enough for my bike!