ONCE the routine stuff’s out the way I get busy re-working some of the merch designs that I prototyped last weekend and didn’t;t work out as I had planned.

As is par for the course, I get list in time when is tart doing this kinda thing and before I know it, it’s lunch time and I need to get ready to hit the shop for the third of my three shifts this wee. I normally only do one or two, but I can’t complain – we need the dosh!

Although not as busy as the last couple of days, it’s fairly steady in the shop and my six hour shift passes pretty quickly.

I’d been expecting to have to make dinner when I get back home, but Margaret’s got everything under control and I crack open a beer and relax. After we eat I do a little more work on the merch designs then take out a free week’s trial to ow TV so we can watch the new film about Alan McGee – Creation Stories.

The film’s OK but nothing to write home about. By the time we start watching another film I’m having dram….and it’s well after 2am when we go to bed.