Nice preview for next month’s Smokehead Sessions livestream series in the Stirling Observer… 🙂

AFTER losing a lot of the morning with a drastic over-sleep I get busy making some new merch prototypes from the re-jigged artwork.

Once again, I’m engrossed, emerging form my makeshift merch factory only for some lunch – a really nice piquante pepper and manchego frittata that Margaret;s cooked up.

My back is still killing me though and I have to take frequent breaks to move around. It’s been so bad the last few days that I’ve gone from talking the odd ibuprofen to taking them after every meal! Hopefully it’ll help.

There’s a nice preview of my upcoming Smokehead Sessions livestream series in the Stirling Observer which I share around my socials then we go for a wander up the lochside.

With lockdown restrictions allowing us to into others’ houses, we stop off at Betty and Joe’s for a late aperitif or two…by the time I get the lahmacun made for dinner it’s nearly 11pm!