Dylan’s Girl From the North Country...

AFTER breakfast I check the mailbox and my bike chain is there! There’s a bunch of stuff I need to do first, though…

With Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday coming up win Monday I post a video of Girl From the North Country I released last year. There’s some other bits and bobs to get out the way then I start oil the bike.

The chain is exactly the right length, so no major surgery required before putting it on which is a fairly quick and easy process. I’m not entirely convinced how good it is as there’s kinda ‘sticky’ points when I roll it round. Maybe it just needs ‘ridden in’.

I go for a quick spin round the car park and it feels OK, but the real test’ll be a proper ride. Maybe tomorrow.

Tonight’s dinner is mushroom burgers…a fairly straightforward combination of mushroom and beef. I finely chip the mushrooms and cook in olive oil for ten minutes, let the mixture cool then mix with the beef and press some burgers for later.

There’s some work to be done on my prototype merch ideas then I get some wood ordered to make. new bar for the smokepit – the bar we have in there is good, but far too big. Will made it for Margaret;s 60th birthday party which was, ahem, nearly five years ago. At that point the smokepit shelter wasn’t built and the bar was kept under a tarp which seemed like a good idea at the time.

A couple of years later when I built the smokepit shelter and decided to move the bar, I realised the tarp was a bad idea…the trapped dampness had caused a bit of rot and rusty nails. The bar was so big and heavy that I needed to take it to bits and re-assemble it under the shelter but it’s really for too big.

For the last year it ‘housed’ our bikes but now we have a proper bike shed, it’s time to ditch the big bar and make a new one.

I have some photos to be set up in the studio and then I wanna shoot some green screen video for a video for Wanted (Dead or Alive) that was recorded for the Deadliest Catch TV series in the USA…just in case we decide to release it as a single.

The day’s nearly done when I head out for a walk and do some “checkin’ in” livestreams to my Facebook group, page and profile.

Back home I light some charcoal, prepare the fire pit and we have dinner outside. the mushroom burgers are great!