A still from episode eight in my Tools of the Trade livestream series – exclusively in my Facebook group.Join now!

UP EARLY and by the time I need to be online for an 11am Zoom session with one of my guitar students I’ve got a fair bit done.

Breakfast, two batches of egg bites made, blog and emails all dealt with and a bike ride.

The bike ride is a little shorter than I intend. Not just ‘cos I don’t wanna be late for my Zoom session, but because the new bike chain is making a lot of crunching and slipping noises. Mmmmm…

My timing works, tho’ – and the Zoom session goes well with my student having made some good progress over the last week.

Afternoon putting out some promo for this evening’s penultimate episode in my Tools of the Trade livestream series I take a walk along to Betty and Joe’s to drop of some rhubarb crumble then back for lunch.

In the studio I start pulling together the archive assets for tonight’s livestream and start putting the structure of the episode in place. Once that’s all sorted I get the technical set up sorted out.

No time left for a walk before livestream go-live….the episode goes smoothly then I tidy up and go back to the house for dinner.

We both have some work to do after we eat and get some stuff out the way before an early night…bed before midnight!