MARGARET’S off into Glasgow early so I make up a meal plan and shopping list for the coming week or so.

The camera batteries need charged for a wee job tomorrow (Thursday) morning. In the studio I plug ’em in and gather al the bits and bobs of lighting etc I might need.

Back in the house I put a rub on a coupla half-racks of ribs that were taking up space in the freezer and had been there too long then stick them in the Instant Pot. I’ll knock up some BBQ sauce and when the ribs are done, debone and sauce them and let them caramelise a little under grill. It’ll make a good sandwich for lunch!

I’m keen to push on with some of the merch ideas I have and am busy with that when Wickes deliver some wood that I aim to use to make a new bar for under the smoke pit shelter. The current bar – built by Will for Margaret’s birthday party a few years ago – is way too big and kinda past it’s sell-by date.

I enjoy my rib sandwich for lunch then get back on the merch design/prototyping. Plans to go for a bike ride or a walk alter on are abandoned when a monsoon-like rainstorm hits, going off just in time for Margaret coming back with the shopping.

We take a walk along to Betty and Joe’s for an aperitif and don’t get home ’til after 10pm. Dinner’s ready by 11pm…