I take Aaron for a wee walk while Margaret has her Zoom meeting

MARGARET’S off early to pick up Aaron – we’re looking after him today.

She’s back in time for a Zoom meeting she has lined up and I take Aaron a walk. We pop in to drop some stuff off to Betty and Joe then carry on our adventure feeding the ducks and taking some photos.

I venture into Margaret territory and make a frittata for lunch with manchego and peppadew sweet and piquet peppers. it works well, but not as good as Margaret’s despite my extra manchego 😉

After lunch I make some beef and mushroom burgers for tomorrow (Saturday) and a big batch of breakfast patties which should do my weekend breakfasts for the next coupla months.

Back in the studio I spend a few hours going through the photos of Will’s paperweight making and get some lo-res proofs off to him then go a walk up the lochside.

I listen to a podcast as I wander and get a livestream idea – why not livestream my dinner making tonight and blether while I’m doing it. it’s be a long-form livestream ‘cos the carnitas take between and hour and an hour-and-a-half but it might be fun.

After locking up the studio and office I stick my phone on a wee tripod in the kitchen and start the livestream. The first three attempts are thwarted by a poor network connect so I move the router but it’s still not right. I start my phone, turn the VPN off and thankfully it works this time.

It’s quite fun making the carnitas live and blethering away…I stop the stream when dinner is plated up and we relax for the rest of the night.