I get up the woods for an off-piste shred….

IN the studio early to try and solve some server issues – the server itself is fine, but our remote backups aren’t overwriting old backups and instead are stacking up and filling the drives unnecessarily.

It seems to be a fairly common problem and I eventually decide to re-deploy an old bit of hardware I had kicking about and manage to get it set up quite easily. it’ll be a few days before I can work out how well it’s working tho’.

When I get back to the house Catriona and the kids have arrived. They all go a walk and I finish off some work then get the bike out for a wee spin. The village and surrounding area is mobbed so I venture off-piste to see if my gear adjustments have helped with my chain issues…and give my recently purchased jacket it’s first outing. For £30 on Amazon, the jacket looked like one of these ‘too good to be true’ bargains, but it’s not…I’m extremely pleased with it!

We sit out in the garden then, once the kids are in bed, get the grill going and cool mushroom burgers which we enjoy round the fire pit.