The final episode in my Tools of the Trade livestream series – Smokehead Sessions kicks of next Monday – 7 June 🙂

I HAVE a Zoom session with a guitar student mid-morning – so I get up early and go out a bike ride before breakfast.

A short 15-miler to see if my tinkering has eliminated any of the chain problems. It’s a beautiful morning and…yes…the chain seems much better. No obvious problems.

Of course the bike needs a clean when I get home and between that and a shower before breakfast I start to run tight on time. I make it to the Zoom session by the skin of my teeth then get one work and promo done for tonight’s livestream before my last minute cover afternoon shift in the shop.

A sunny bank holiday Monday means the shop is really busy and the time goes quick.

I’m back home soon after 5pm and get straight into prep for the livestream – the final episode in my Tools of the Trade series. I also manage to squeeze in the writing, editing and design of my June eNewsletter and get it scheduled to go out in the morning before the livestream.

The livestream goes without a hitch and I’m back in the house enjoying dinner soon after 9pm.