I nip out to take some pix of merch I’ve made…

ANOTHER cracking day – and once I’ve shared my eNewsletter around social media and done some other online promo for the upcoming Smokehead Sessions I make a wee platter kinda thing for West Highland Way Gifts so I can photo some products outdoors.

I also need to get some Merch orders packed up and online postage labels printed.

There’s still an hour or so before I need to be at the village shop for my afternoon/evening shift so there’s time to go out for a quick walk, grab some stuff I’ve made and take some snaps. I’ve done a couple fo prototype/sample key fobs for the Oak Tree Inn and Loch Lomond Coffee and wanna grab some pix before I pass them on.

Of course I spend longer than I should messing around taking pix with my phone and it’s a bit of a rush to get to the shop on time.

The place is mobbed, so the time passes quickly.

When I get home Margaret’s put all the shopping away and I make dinner then get on with a few more bits and bobs of work then get to bed just after midnight. Phew. Some day.