A grand bike ride home along the West Highland Way after a visit to the doc’s for my second covid jab…

NOT such a nice day out there today…grey, damp and a lot of midges!

After three or four no-shows the roof guy comes to look at our soffits. I’m not convinced about him as I feel anyone who is as unreliable as this before they a job is gonna be even worse once they actually have the job. My suspicions are confirmed when his prices is a good four or five times what I’d expect. Obviously doesn’t need – or want – the work. At this rate I’ll be learning how to do the fucking job myself!

I take a walk along to Betty and Joe’s to drop of some mushroom risotto I made for them then back home I make some arancini balls with some of our leftover risotto and an aioli to go with them. Pretty decent lunch even if I say so myself.

There’s some routine admin and stuff to do before I get the bike out. I get my second covid jab this afternoon so I kill two birds with one stone and get out for a bike ride taking in a stop at the doctor’s surgery.

When I get back I do a bit of social media promo for the Smokehead Sessions which start on Monday and start tinkering about with some ideas for Will’s glass/paperweight-making website.

I also spend some time messing about with designs for some leather bracelets I’ve been thinking about making – for both ‘Dave Arcari’ merch and also as customised gifts to offer for sale online.

Of course time runs away with me again – and it’s just as well the tteotbokki (a sweet and spicy Korean rice cake & fish cake dish) isn’t too time-consumign to make!