Under construction – the new bar starts to take shape…

FEELING a little light-head when I wake up, but nothing compared to the morning after my first covid jab…and by 10am I’m back to normal…whatever that may be.

I’m prototyping some leather bracelets for the merch store – and also using the project as the basis for a wee film about how I make the products so I film the first few stages of the process from design to etching, cutting and dyeing the leather.

Margaret’s made a fritatta for lunch. Delicious. then. I head out the back to start breaking down the big old bar under the smoker/BBQ shelter.

It’s quite some job and takes me a good hour or two. We separate the painted from non-painted wood, burn the painted stuff and I saw up the rest to go in the woodshed.

With some space cleared under the shelter, I get the new bar assembled from the pieces I cut and worked on the other day. I stick the old vertical smoker on Facebook sale groups – be interesting to see if there’s any takers.

After last Friday’s dinner-making livestream I decide to do it again and livestream the jambalaya being made, play a couple of songs and talk shite for an hour or so…