I take some pix of the first batch of Will’s paperweights…

AFTER breakfast I film another stage in the merch production process for the wee video I ‘m gonna make about creating short-run/on-demand merch for musicians.

Catriona and the kids rock up and have brought some of Will’s first paperweights form his new studio. He’s not entirely happy with them, but they look damn fine to me! We have lunch then Margaret, Catriona and the kids go for a walk.

Meantime, I take the paperwights into the studio and take some snaps – these weights won’t be for sale, but it’s good to have a record of them and some images in the bag.

There’s been a fair bit of interest in the old smoker I stuck up for sale on Facebook and a few questions needing answered and some folks asking if they can get it. I manage the queries as best I can and arrange for the first bidder to come tomorrow (Sunday) lunchtime…if they don’t show I can open it up to the next bidder.

Joe’s having a few days away to give Betty a rest, so we’ve invited her round for dinner. I make arancini with an aioli as a starter – then green curry. Margaret’s made blueberry compote desert to finish things of.

We have a grand night 🙂