I manage to get out for cycle and have a nice ride to Aberfoyle…

I’M keen to get out for a cycle, but a long-ish lie means that my ‘ride before breakfast’ plan ain’t happening!

I finish off a couple of leather bracelets that I’ll use for my online shop – they’ll be available in brown or dark grey in various sizes but will be produced ‘on demand’. That keeps investment minimal and stock levels under control from the start. Hopefully I’ll have time to get them set up int he Merch store tomorrow (Monday).

After spending some time working out the best shelves/storage options for the outside bar I’m building I hit the studio to edit a draft promo video for the song I worked on for The Deadliest Catch. I still haven’t heard if it’s been cleared by Discovery Channel yet, but it has had the thumbs up from Bon Jovi and the programme producers and editors.

After all that initial panic of things needing turned round in 24 hours it’s kinda ironic that a couple of months later we’re still in the dark out it. And before anyone says ‘that’s television/film/radio for you’ I don’t buy that shit it’s called disorganisation, indecision and poor project management…or ‘fucking folks around’ for short!

Anyway, if it comes off, the producer and I have talked about releasing it as a single. it would need a video and I did something a few weeks ago that just needed some final tweaks. But, when I open the video editor, somehow the rules have disappeared and I end up having to film the lot agin!

It’s after 4pm when I finally get the bike out and hit the trails for a 25/30-mile run to Aberfoyle and back, stopping in Gartmore for a coffee with some pals.

I was meant to be smoking a pork tenderloin that I wrapped in bacon yesterday…but it’s too late when I get back. luckily there’s some leftover jambalaya, so we have that and I promise to smoke the pork tomorrow (Monday) afternoon while I prepare for the first episode in the Smokehead Sessions livestream series…