QUITE A lot to get through before my afternoon/evening shift at the village shop.

First up, I need to send thank you notes to all the folks that sent tips during last night’s livestream. There’s also some social media posts to be prepared. I get the content made up but don;t have time to post/share. that can be done tomorrow (Wednesday).

Meantime, I need to get the Dave Arcari Deep Blues leather bracelets on sale in the online shop…they’re live now! Check ’em out here,

There’s enough time to deliver the prize bottle of Smokehead to last night’s winner. they;re local, so I combine the delivery with a quick walk and get home with just enough time to spare to make some sandwiches and coffee to take to the shop.

It’s a busy afternoon and evening. At 8pm I close the shop and balance the till and am home before 8.30pm.

Despite not having done any posting or promotion on the bracelets, there’s a couple of sales. I start getting them made up, although they likely won’t be finished in time for tomorrow’s post, so they won’t go out ’til Thursday. Such is life…