I’VE some leather bracelets to get finished off and ready for the mailing out. The beauty of making them on demand is that folks can choose the colour, size and stud…. 🙂

There’s some photography to be donning the studio and a load of social media stuff.

It’s a pretty grey, damp, grim day outside and the midges are out in force so I’m not too perturbed that I don’t have time for a walk before I have to go tot he shop for my final afternoon/evening shift of the week.

Despite the weather, the shop’s busy and there’s been a huge delivery of stuff, so the hours pass pretty quick.

Margaret’s got dinner underway when I get home and I get back to work not he photos I took this morning. After dinner, I spend some time messing with ideas to up the ante a bit with my local gifts website...a wee birdie tells me there’s competition afoot 😉