Amazing night at Polack Inn…thank you Wausau!

NICE to wake up and not have any driving at all 🙂

We have breakfast then go back to our room and I start some social media and other online promo for tonight’s show at the Polack Inn, Wausau.

Having made do with sandwiches and stuff form the toolbox the last few days we splash out and hit Panera Bread for lunch.

Back at the hotel I prepare some graphics and videos to promote the next few shows.

Margaret goes out to the shops to pick up some stuff and I create a page on my website for the new signature guitar – a load of info, specifications, ordering and pricing info. See it here.

I managed to get most of the press/media stuff for the tour does before we left, but there’s three or four shows at the end of the tour still to have news releases written and sent out. I make a few inroads then we get ready to leave for the venue.

We load in then go to a nearby Mexican place called Tres Hombres…we’ve been before and its always been great. Once again, my flank steak tacos are top notch. If they’re not the best I’ve ever had, they come a close second to the taco van in Santa Anna, California. Margaret’s quesadilla is good too…moreso ‘cos she can’t finish it and – if I behave – I’ll get to eat the rest later 😉

Back at the venue I get my gear set up on stage and Margaret sorts merch. Opening artist Eric – playing tonight a s solo acoustic version of his Folklore Shroud project – kicks off around 10pm.

There’s a lot of familiar faces and some new folks too packing the room but by the time I hit the stage. No soundcheck, but both Frank and Ryan have done my sound enough times before to make do with a quick line check.

My set goes great – and I’m glad I managed to minimise the pre-gig shots with folks – not broken strings tonight and the new guitar puts in another stellar performance.

There’s plenty of action at the merch table afterwards and we hang out for a good while chatting and taking photos.

It’s 2am but he time we get back to the hotel…and we have to hit the road early tomorrow as I’ve a radio interview at lunchtime, an in-store mid-afternoon then a show at night in Racine…