The Dave Arcari signature guitar from National Reso-Phonic Guitars 

THE incredible Dave Arcari signature model instrument from National Reso-Phonic Guitars is available to order now!  

Based on the standard 12-fret NRP thin-gauge steel-bodied instrument, the Dave Arcari signature model features an exclusive black Iron Wood finish – other color variations of this finish are available. 

The guitar is available with or without pickups, but the combination of Lollar Imperial humbucker and Highlander Pioneer piezo as used by Dave is a strong feature and highly recommended. 

The original Dave Arcari signature model features black pearl, three-on-a-plate Waverly tuners – again, Dave strongly recommends this upgrade to the ‘standard’ Dave Arcari signature model. 

Spec as follows: 

  • M2 neck (flat headstock), black overlay, revolver finish with black and gold decal
  • Bound ebony fretboard with mother of pearl diamond inlays
  • 12-fret steel body with flat F holes
  • Iron Wood finish (black as standard – other color options available)
  • Non ribbed sieve cover plate
  • Vintage National Black Knob Tuners (standard model) – black pearl Waverly tuners available as upgrade
  • Dave Arcari signature label inside the guitar
  • Humbucker/piezo blend system (as used by Dave) available as upgrade
  • Left handed model available at no extra cost
  • Supplied in National hard shell case

 Lead time on orders is approximately four months. 

Guide price/s (subject to shipping and, if relevant, import duty etc) 

  • Dave Arcari signature model (no pickups) – c. US$3240
  • Pickup blend system* – Highlander Pioneer piezo + Lollar Imperial humbucker – add c. US$675
  • Upgrade to black pearl, three-on-a-plate Waverly tuners* – add c. US$300 

* as featured on Dave’s own Dave Arcari signature instrument


* For more info or for specific queries, please contact Dave using this form