A quick video tour of the Dave Arcari signature guitar from National Reso-Phonic….

NO time to lie in this morning – I have my last coaching session in the Help Musicians’ programme.

My session lasts just over an hour and I always find them useful – especially getting an impartial, third party’s view on things.

There’s a bunch of stuff to get done to prepare for our first AirBnB guest tonight – a welcome note with a list of helpful stuff like wifi, reminders off which areas of the house our guests can share and info asking them to make sure the extra or fan’s switched on when they use the shower and not to flush anything other than bog roll down the toilet!

I’ve a few things to help Betty and Joe and nip[ along to see them for an hour or so. There’s also a couple fo wee bits off local community trust stuff to deal with which I finish ff when I get home.

Our AirBnB guest has messaged to say they’ll arrive around 6pm…I’m in the studio setting up to make a quick demo video of the new signature guitar when they arrive. I nip over to the house to say hello, then get back to filming in the studio then edit the footage in the office.

I really need a more sophisticated preparation that will let people more easily hear the differences between the completely acoustic sound and the various pickup sounds and configurations. It’s a very versatile guitar…but for now, my single mic setup will have to suffice as I did’t have time to complicate things earlier this evening.

While the resulting video is uploading to Facebook for a ‘premier’ later tonight as well as YouTube and other online place we have some leftover pulled pork for dinner.

Margaret watches the tennis and I run the video premier then edit a short clip in a square format for Instagram and Twitter…